Do you want to be part of history at Fairfield Showground? Fairfield City Council is offering residents and businesses another chance to purchase a commemorative paver at the redeveloped Fairfield Showground.

The pavers can be engraved with family or business names that celebrate links to Fairfield City and will be laid in the new Fairfield Memory Walk at Fairfield Showground.

So far, hundreds of families and businesses have purchased personalised pavers celebrating special milestones like marriages, births and wedding anniversaries.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said the round 3 paver release is due to popular demand.

“The personalised pavers that were unveiled to the public last month were a hit, and we received many requests to release a new round of pavers from residents that missed out,” Mayor Carbone said. “It’s great to see how many residents have purchased these pavers as lasting gifts to celebrate special family milestones.

“I hope that you will take this opportunity to recognise your families, yourselves or your businesses that have a special connection to Fairfield, because it is the people that are the most important and most special part of our City.”

Visit to purchase a paver online. Choose from a double paver (large), or a single paver (small). The price covers the cost of purchasing, engraving and laying the pavers.

Provided by Fairfield City Council