In the second installment of SWR 99.9 FM’s Program in Focus Segment, we caught up with Lesley and the Psychics who present one of SWR’s most unique programs, Psychics On Radio, Angels On Air.

Anyone can get involved and broadcast a program at SWR 99.9 FM! We’re always on the lookout for new shows, especially if you can bring something to SWR we don’t have yet. Find out more on how you can become involved with one of Sydney’s most prestigious local radio stations by clicking here.

What got you involved at SWR?

Psychics on Radio, Angels on Air became involved with Radio SWR 99.9 FM, because we realised there was nothing as ‘unique’ within the radio industry, as a Team of International & National Psychic Mediums delivering ‘LIVE’, fast & accurate messages directly from Spirit to you.  Our LIVE shows will have you sitting on the edge of your seats with excitement & fascination, as our 2 hour shows, will last a lifetime of memories.  

What can your listeners expect from Psychics on Radio, Angels On Air?

We are International & National Psychic Mediums, who relay fast & accurate messages directly from Spirit to you, not only LIVE on Radio, but LIVE on Facebook, Twitch & YouTube also. We want the Listener to be able to view us in the studio, whilst we are in ‘flight’ receiving messages & delivering them back to you via our LIVE social media platforms.

Who is your favourite artist/band?

Because we have so many questions from our listeners we need to answer within our 2 hour shows, we don’t really get time to play much music. However, we love just about any Aussie Artist or band. 

How can I get a reading from the Psychics?

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page ‘Psychics on Radio, Angels on Air’, when we are LIVE, every Wednesday night from 8pm to 10pm & write your question in the comments section & if we are drawn to you, we will call out the question & read for you. Some nights we have 3 to 5 Psychic Mediums to answer your question. We can answer any questions except for Medical or Legal matters, as we are not Doctors nor Lawyers. However, if you wish to have a Private Reading from any one of us, please send us a Private Message & we will be in contact with you. 

Where can I get updates from Lesley & the Psychics?

The Psychics On Radio, Angels On Air program is broadcast every Wednesday Night between 8-10pm on SWR 99.9 FM. You can follow their Facebook Page or their Instagram.