Shelia Cabacungan is a member of our Board, and holds the position of Treasurer. She also hosts two weeknight programs here on SWR 99.9 FM! Sheila hosts Money Maven, educating listeners about money. On Wednesday nights, Shelia hosts Business Booster, powering the Western Sydney Business Tribe with tricks and tips to thrive.

Sheila also won the Best New Program award at SWR 99.9 FM’s 2020 Association Awards. You can watch the awards presentation here.

Anyone can get involved and broadcast a program at SWR 99.9 FM! We’re always on the lookout for new shows, especially if you can bring something to SWR we don’t have yet. Find out more on how you can become involved with one of Sydney’s most prestigious local radio stations by clicking here.

Busco had a chat with Sheila for our latest Program In Focus highlight! Catch her interview below! You can also view some of the other shows we’ve highlighted through our Programs In Focus here.

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