Meet Paul! He’s the host of our popular Saturday afternoon program, Powerzone! We reached out to Paul to learn more about his program, and give you more reasons to tune in!

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How did you get involved with SWR?

When I left WOW FM in late 1992, I got involved in SWR FM during the Whalan test broadcast, co-hosted a couple of times with Lloyd Bunting, Donald Allen and their mates. I then shifted to AIR FM in 1993, as it was closer to home, as I was fully reliant on public transport back then, and a lot of SWR’s studios were off the beaten track. Then from AIR FM, I worked in commercial radio, starting my career at 2TM in Tamworth, then 6TZ (RadioWest) in Bunbury WA, then 2EC / Power FM in Bega, from there Star FM Dubbo, and finally wrapping things up at 2CA in Canberra. My return to SWR FM was in 2015 or 2016 originally covering for Paul Matthews on In Phase whenever he couldn’t do it and hosting The Awesome 80s. I eventually pulled out of The Awesome 80s as I couldn’t commit the time needed to research and produce the show, and just covered Paul again from then on. Eventually I ended up with an hour on Saturdays, following In Phase, and been trying to do what I can with that since.

What type of music do you play on Power Zone

It’s all about the rock. I cover the big hits and a lot of harder to find stuff from the 70s onwards. Sometimes I try to dig up the rare Aussie tracks that the commercial stations have long forgotten.

Who is your favourite artist/band? 

Of all time? Roxette! But I have so many favourites, it really depends on my mood.

Where can listeners get updates from the Powerzone Show?

The Powerzone web site or the Powerzone Facebook page