Cumberland City Council is pleased to announce that, following an Extraordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday 12 January 2022, Councillor Lisa Lake has been elected as the new Mayor of Cumberland City for the next two years, alongside Councillor Kun Huang, who was also elected as Deputy Mayor. 

Councillor Lisa Lake takes over the position of Mayor from Councillor Steve Christou, who has served the Cumberland City community as Mayor since September 2019.

Commenting on her appointment, the newly elected Mayor Lisa Lake said she was honoured to be elected to serve the Cumberland community as Mayor.
“People who know me know that I love our local area and I’m really thrilled to be given this opportunity to serve”.

Mayor Lake also added how wonderful it was to see a diverse Chamber that really looked like the community this Council represented.

 “The diversity brings with it a broad range of experiences and skills that I know will enhance decision-making and public confidence in this Council”.

“My priorities are very practical, and will ensure that this Council is outwardly focused and delivering on the ground to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding population”.

“Initially in its first term, this Council worked hard to develop a number of key strategies and plans to achieve this vision. As Mayor, I consider it my obligation on behalf of the Cumberland community to lead a Council of substance that will work to deliver on these goals”, said Mayor Lisa Lake.

Mayor Lake assured that the community can expect two things from this Council over the next two years. That Council will be actively encouraging community participation in decision making through open meetings, public forums, advisory committees and workshops, and secondly that Council’s budget priorities, whilst fiscally responsible, will also recognise and respond to the challenges that beset our community.

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