Council-run childcare centre kitchens are cooking up a storm making meals for members of
the community facing hardship during the COVID-19 lockdown.
The new initiative driven by Council, will see staff from Council’s early education and care
services prepare a range of meals including cultural, vegetarian and pureed for children, for
residents who are isolated, disadvantaged, or have no support. Staff will cook up to 1,000
meals per day from nine centre kitchens.
Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said this is just one of the ways that Council staff are
stepping up to support the community during lockdown.
“Fairfield is about family and community spirit, it’s in our nature to lend a helping hand to
others in need.
“This program will utilise the skills of Council’s staff to prepare meals that cater for different
multicultural groups,” Mayor Carbone said.
“Throughout this pandemic we have ensured that residents are still connected with their
community and have the resources they need to link them to services if required, such as
through the Mayor’s Wellbeing Register.
“While we want to ensure that people stay home and do the right thing, we know some of our
residents live alone and don’t have family and friends that live close by that can check in on
them, and we want to make sure that they are being looked after.”
Council is working with The Parks Network Inc, Community First Step, CORE Community
Services and Woodville Alliance to distribute the meals.
Anyone requiring assistance with food should contact either Council on 9725 0222 or the
abovementioned services.
For more information about the Mayor’s Wellbeing Register visit

Photo: Fairfield City Council