Liverpool’s young budding writers will be given the chance to showcase their literary talents as part of a writing competition held in collaboration with the 2168 Children’s Parliament, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) and the NSW Department of Education (DET). 

Mayor of Liverpool Wendy Waller said the project aims to understand the impact of children’s experiences of learning from home, identify strategies and opportunities to support students and document responses and provide feedback to the DET for consideration in student support programs and future planning. 

“Following the recent COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent stay at home orders, the prolonged period of home schooling proved a challenge for many families,” Mayor Waller said. 

“In consultation with the 2168 Children’s Parliament Ambassadors Panel, we sought to channel these challenges into a positive learning experience through a writing competition for students in years 5 and 6 where students could tell us about their experiences.  

“Students will also be able to have their say on the matters most important to them as part of Council’s new Community Strategic Plan. 

“Council is reviewing its Community Strategic Plan to identify the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and incorporating this information to plan programs, capital works and essential services to achieve these goals. 

“I would like our young residents to think about what they would like our city to look like in the next 10 years – what they would like to see change and what they would like to stay the same. 

“Council has a strong commitment to community engagement and a desire for the community to be informed, consulted and involved and this is a great way for students to make their mark. 

“I encourage all students in participating schools to share their experiences and thoughts to shape the future of learning, as well as the future of our city.” 

Funded under the Commonwealth Government’s Communities for Children programme, the Parliament is a platform for children living in and around the 2168 postcode to have a voice about issue that matter to them and participate actively in civic matters. 

As part of the postcard project, students will be prompted to respond to the following three statements: 

• My neighbourhood would be a better place for everyone if… 

• What I most enjoyed about home learning… 

• What I least enjoyed about home learning…

The competition has commenced with an end date of 10 December 2021. The best responses will be chosen by a judging panel to receive a first, second and third prize which includes a cash prize and CPAC Art Pack, valued at $100.