Cumberland City Council welcomed 250 new residents as Australian citizens at a special Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony at the Eric Tweedale Stadium on Australia Day, as part of Australia Day celebrations.

This year marked the 110th citizenship ceremony hosted by Council since the formation of Cumberland Council in 2016.

While hosting the ceremony, Mayor Lisa Lake described Cumberland as a wonderful and diverse area, in a great country.

“As a community, we live together as people from many different backgrounds and cultures. We are united in a single vision – for Cumberland to be a place where everyone is welcome; where anyone can belong; and where everyone is encouraged to succeed”.

“More than 16,000 people from over 150 nations have been invited to become citizens, at one of more than 400 ceremonies being held across the country on Australia Day.”

“Today we welcome 250 Cumberland residents from 35 different countries, who have chosen Cumberland to be their new home, and you are all very welcome”, said Mayor Lisa Lake

Mayor Lake also paid tribute to former Australian marathon swimmer and Australia Day Ambassador Susie Maroney.

“Australia Day Ambassadors such as Ms Moroney dedicate their time and energy to inspire and motivate others.”

“As former Premier Bob Carr once said ‘Susie Maroney is a shining example of the rewards of motivation and hard work’, I cannot agree more”, said Mayor Lisa Lake.

Winners of the Citizen of the Year and Community Pride Awards were also announced at the ceremony, followed by an Australia Day community event later in the evening at the Holroyd Gardens where residents came together to enjoy live performances, great food and a fireworks display.