Produce a professional, reputable and reliable community radio service for Sydney’s West. Increase access airtime to allow for magnification of local content and participation. Expand relevant talk content to align with the national averages for sub metro community. The SWR Program Committee are absolute in our commitment to the ongoing Growth of SWR 99.9 FM Community Radio.


• Working closely with the SWR Board of Management and our Community Leaders regarding local content.

• Promoting and Supporting New Programs of both Indigenous and Multicultural Community content via various SWR platforms.

• Seeking out new talent that may not be aware they have talent.

• Continue to provide wide appeal, informative and engaging content during peak listening times to attract and engage as many local listeners as possible.

• Rely less on income obtained from sale of airtime. Support the production of locally spoken content. Outside broadcasts, sport, local news.

• Explore the idea of producing a professional local news service for Sydney’s West. Explore possibilities of other Western Sydney sub metro stations being involved.

• Make studio facilities available to the community to create content in addition to the core FM service.


In pursuit of the above, SWR 99.9 will not broadcast material that may:

  • incite, encourage, or present for its own sake violence or brutality,
  • mislead or alarm listeners by simulating news or events,
  • present as desirable the use of illegal drugs, the misuse of tobacco or alcohol as well as other harmful substances
  • glamorise, sensationalise, or present suicide as a solution to life problems
  • stereotype, incite, vilify, or perpetuate hatred against, or attempt to demean any person or group, on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, language, gender, sexuality, religion, age, physical or mental ability, occupation, cultural belief or political affiliation, and,
  • be harmful to children at a time children are likely to be listening

SWR 99.9 broadcasts material that will;

  • avoid censorship where possible
  • follow applicable privacy laws
  • present factual material accurately and distinguish news and current affairs from opinion
  • contain at least 30% Australian music (monthly basis)
  • contain at least one announcement per week about the Community Broadcasting Codes of practice and where listeners can get a copy