Community Radio Codes of Practice Code 2.2
The purpose of this policy is to enable, encourage and sustain active participation by the community in the operations of SWR FM Community Media Association Inc.


  1. Membership and participation of SWR is open equally to anyone regardless of age, gender, nationality or experience.
  2. SWR will constantly seek to increase its level of community participation in all operations
  3. SWR will foster relationships with local government, community groups and education institutions to encourage participation
  4. SWR will encourage active participation in the day to day running of the service, and will encourage the community to participate in the selection and provision of programs.
  5. SWR will document evidence of efforts to encourage community participation.


  1. Provide regular on-air announcements encouraging the community to become involved
  2. Provide outside broadcasts engaging with the community where practical.
  3. Provide training for volunteers to enable their involvement with SWR
  4. Provide access to information about SWR through its web site including how to become involved
  5. Provide community service announcements & interviews to encourage regular community participation
  6. Seek out local press editorial as appropriate to raise awareness of SWR