At Sydney Event Technical Specialists we enhance the experience of your event utilising our audio visual equipment and expertise.

Our passion is the technical side of events, here at Sydney Event Technical Specialists we’re here for you from start to finish. From designing a system, installing, adding to and operating. We do it all, while maintaining open communication, with your needs always at the forefront.

Our specialists work with you through pre production, event and post production ensuring a high quality result.

Our technical specialists have a combined experience of over 25 years. Having worked as senior technical leaders for some of the best event production companies in Sydney.

Our goal is to deliver high quality technical systems and events across the wider Sydney region, using the latest digital equipment and networking to simplify the event process ensuring a high standard from start to finish.

Where possible we utilise LED lighting to help reduce our carbon footprint whilst still providing a quality result.

We can do small to large installations and events but no matter the size we prioritise safety and professionalism.


Phone: 0432 511 308