The Hosts

Harry Green

Harry, best known as “The Rat of The Radio”, is our comedic director. He coaches us on how to be funny! He’s also the founder of the Tuesdaily Show.

Michael Green

Michael is a founding member of the Tuesdaily Show! Now handling most of his Tuesdaily duties behind the scenes. However, he dials in at a random point each show!

Dylan Caple

Dylan is a HSC Student and an integral part of the Tuesdaily Show!

Adam Staples

Adam is upon the more serious side of Tuesdaily. That, plus he knows when EVERYONE’s Birthday is! We can always count on adam to call us out on the most nit-picky of things.


Every Tuesday, Tuesweekly? NO, Tuesdaily!

Previously from Saturday Wake Up, the team Harry, Dylan, and Adam are the Tuesdaily Trio! Broadcating a weekly hour of entertaining topics, banter, and music for the entirety of 6-7pm, every Tuesday. 

You’ll hear the hits you know and love, as well as new tracks that you’ll want back!

Paralell Plays: 
Two songs that sound the same, but aren’t!
Fact Snacks: A juicy tasty fact for you to consume! (Fact of the week)
On This Day: What happned today? 143 years ago!
Relevant Topics: Tid-bits of up to date info, that should tickle your pickle!
Famous Birthdays: Someone popular is celebrating a birthday everyday! Who will it be this tuesday?
Comedy Time: Just some daggy ol’ dad jokes!
We also talk about: Interesting conversations, personal experiences and more exciting things!


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Tuesdaily Clips

Only the BEST parts of Tuesdaily

23 Jun 2021, 12am

23 Jun 2021, 12am Tuesdaily Check out our sponsor:

16 Jun 2021, 4pm

16 Jun 2021, 4pm Tuesdaily Check out our sponsor World Of Minecraft: During this episode of tuesdaily michael makes a comeback and brings the Tue-Crew version of shark tank! Who’s idea is worth $100k? TUESDAILY ON SWR 99.9 Thanks to our sponsor Bam Bam Music:

25 May 2021, 11pm

25 May 2021, 11pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily Clip! The boys couldn’t help themselves in a heated discussion on where the sauce belongs – in the fridge or in the cupboard?! We even had listeners call in to pitch in their opinions!

21 May 2021, 12pm

21 May 2021, 12pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily Clip – FULL SHOW! No more hugs for granny?  Check out our sponsor World Of Minecraft

12 May 2021, 1pm

12 May 2021, 1pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily Clip – FULL SHOW! Chatting about South Australia’s Referendum on mandatory business hours and the all dreaded NAPLAN!

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22 Jun 2021, 8pm

22 Jun 2021, 8pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily On Demand! – 22 June 2021

15 Jun 2021, 8pm

15 Jun 2021, 8pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily On Demand! – 15 June 2021

8 Jun 2021, 8pm

8 Jun 2021, 8pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily On Demand! – 8 June 2021

1 Jun 2021, 8pm

1 Jun 2021, 8pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily On Demand – 1 June 2021

25 May 2021, 8pm

25 May 2021, 8pm Tuesdaily Tuesdaily On Demand! Surviving Coronavirus in NSW and Salt in Coffee?

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