Saturday Wake Up is your favourite Saturday Brekky show on the radio, broadcasting live across Sydney on 99.9 FM and worldwide via, TuneIn or your favourtie Radio App.


What makes us so different? First off, we’re not paid. Second off, only one of us are drinking age, with all of us studying the HSC or a radio course full time (sweet student discounts). And we love what we do – we come in each and every week with a smile on our face ready to broadcast the best radio show that we can!


What music do we play? We play a range of 80’s to Now music. And we keep it upbeat, most of the time, so that you can get up and out to that early morning sports game, or so you can make that Maccas run for Brekky. You can also request to have a song dedicated to you! Email us your request, name & suburb to or use one of the Facebook link below to send us a Private Message (if that’s your type of thing)


Why should I tune in? Hmm, yeah, good question… We aim to keep our talk breaks to a maximum of 15 minutes per hour, meaning there’s more music for you to enjoy! It’s also a really fun show, you should check it out, just change the dial down (or up) to 99.9 FM if you’re in Sydney, or click the Listen Live button. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same again.



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Dylan Caple

Dylan is a studying HSC Student who practically runs the show, even though he always shows up just in time for the show, but never late!

Harry Green

Harry, the rat of the radio, is out comedic director. He coaches us how to be funny!

Adam Staples

Adam is the founder of the show, and takes his role a little more seriously than the other boys… He has to, he’s the oldest!