Tuesdaily is the result of three hilariously funny and good looking young men bringing their love and passion for radio. to SWR 99.9 FM. Every week, the Tuesdaily Trio bring a laugh and some fun to the SWR lineup, spreading good vibes only.

There’s always a bit of drama on the Show, namely over the Birthday Segment. It’s always extremely fun not only for those listening, but also for the boys. Did we mention they give out money through weekly competitions on the show?

Not Tuesmontly, Not Tuesyearly, We’re Tuesdaily

The Voiceover Guy, Tuesdaily Show

Anyone can get involved and broadcast a program at SWR 99.9 FM! We’re always on the lookout for new shows, especially if you can bring something to SWR we don’t have yet. Find out more on how you can become involved with one of Sydney’s most prestigious local radio stations by clicking here.

There’s a lot more to SWR than just radio broadcasting. Dylan is the Digital & Marketing Committee’s Chairperson at SWR 99.9 FM, and works alongside the likes of Adam Staples, Harry Green with ODEG & Alex. They all do an incredible about of work behind the scenes.

Busco, SWR 99.9 FM‘s Brekky Host, caught up with Dylan & Adam from Tuesdaily to share more about the show and volunteering at SWR.

You can also catch the podcast on your favourite platforms! Search for Tuesdaily Podcast or SWR 99.9 FM!